Learn Swift on your own terms.

The Swift Library is a platform that offers high-quality education resources for developing in swift.
Education is like a puzzle. The Swift Library supports that.

Incremental learning. Piece by piece education.
Study on your own terms, study only what you need.


Meet Alexa

Alexa is a developer over at „FictionDev Corp.“. She has worked in development for 2 years now and has learned to develop in C# and Java.

Her company has decided to switch things up a little. They decided that they should create a new department for mobile development to enter the app market. A good idea. After all, everything is moving towards mobile and apps are getting more attention than ever before.

Alexa was selected to join the mobile force. Her boss decided that she would need to learn swift in order to do that, because it’s an upcoming language and the company wants to jump on the trending language. They see the value that it can bring to them.

Alexa is a little skeptical. She doesn’t know where to start. There are many courses out there that teach swift, but most of them target absolute beginners. Also, she doesn’t want to sift through 50 hour long courses only to learn what string, integers and loops are. She needs to get to work on her next project and learn swift as she goes.


A puzzle game begins. She gets some courses and researches most of her problems online. She sometimes gets frustrated when she spends 60% of her work hours searching for examples that fit her needs.

Hours go by as she’s trying to figure out what delegates are and how they work, how table views and collection views work in swift. All the while, those optionals are making her head spin.

I was once in the same place. When Swift came out I didn’t pay too much attention, but then I started to see the need for it and decided to start learning it. Some concepts were familiar, others were totally strange. I never really heard of optionals, and delegates sounded weird to me. I was in the same position as Alexa is and researched like there was no tomorrow to get my projects done.


I decided that this mess has to come to an end.

No more tedious research and looking for tutorials. No more app clones and useless courses. Education is like a puzzle and I want to provide Alexa and you the puzzle-pieces to learn swift as you move on with your projects at work.

I want to create a platform that provides all the necessary information, without the pain of researching for hours and hours. I want to help Alexa and you to have time for the things you enjoy.

Don’t waste your time on bad youtube videos or „way-too-long“ courses.

My Philosophy

I feel like there are so many courses out there that focus on iOS development with Swift. That’s why I chose to take a different approach to teaching Swift.

I don’t want to focus only on creating apps, but I’d much rather create mini courses about different topics like optionals, custom classes, functional programming etc. The benefit of this approach is that the courses act as a library of topics that people could potentially need in Swift.

I don’t want to create yet another course on how to code an app clone. I want to provide actionable insights into different concepts that are presented in Swift so you can work on your own projects with the necessary informations at hand.

  • I don't need to wast time and money learning what Strings are if what I need to learn and understand are delegates. I always found it a waste of money to buy a 40h course that teaches me how to make 15 apps, but won't tell me why and what I need to make a custom class for example.

    It's frustrating when I spend 60% of my work hours searching for examples that fit my needs.

    I kinda knew what optionals were and Xcode usually tells me when to use them, but I didn’t know why to use them. And after watching the first 2 videos [of the optionals module] I was able to make a request to my web service using what I saw on your video.

    Joel Sene
    Joel Sene iOS Developer @Capptan
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